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3D Technologies Announces ScanControl Version 7.1 Adding Control / Monitoring for GRE PSR-500, GRE PSR-600, Radio Shack PRO-106 & RadioShack PRO-197 and Adding New Features.  See Our What's New Page.

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The ScanControl DataGrabber


The ScanControl DataGrabber revolutionizes the way you program frequency and talkgroup data into your Uniden scanner.  Instead of manually typing hundreds of numbers and text tags into your PC you simply drag your mouse to highlight the frequency and talkgroup data you want, click Ctrl+Ins (the Windows copy keystroke) or your browser's Edit, Copy function and then click the Paste button in ScanControl.  Tailored to work with now, the popular on-line and most up to date radio system database, and other Web data sources in the future, the DataGrabber makes it easy and quick to capture radio system data and program it into your scanner.  In ScanControl Version 7.1.0 and higher the DataGrabber is certified for use with Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and higher and Netscape Navigator 9.0 and higher with more browser certifications to come.  NOTE:  Recent updates to Radio web pages have introduced inconsistencies that may cause erroneous paste results when using Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher.  We are working to correct this issue and ScanControl will warn the user about this before pasting data with the DataGrabber.

DataGrabber Intelligence:

Other scanner programming software products offer data "imports" from  But they import entire systems in one step and then the data needs to be manually configured and manipulated to fit your radio's memory structure or your personal preferences.  The DataGrabber gives you the flexibility to "grab" all the data in a system, or only the data you want, and paste it into the ScanControl editors "intelligently".  During pasting the DataGrabber knows your radio's memory structure (banks & scanlists or systems, sites & groups) and offers options that make it easy to optimize your scanner memory and configure the data grouped the way you want it.

The ScanControl DataGrabber is "data aware" during the pasting process.  This means it knows the difference between conventional frequencies, trunk frequencies and talkgroup IDs and uses that knowledge to capture and configure the data for the type of bank or system you are programming.  Conventional frequencies are brought over with alpha tags, CTCSS codes and modulation modes intact.  Trunk frequencies are pasted correctly for single or multiple site systems.   Talkgroup IDs are pasted with format checking so you're sure of getting the right format for the trunk system type.  Even LCN values are carried over for EDACS and LTR systems.

DataGrabber SmartTag Feature:

The DataGrabber SmartTag feature is a user Program Option that provides automatic alpha tag abbreviation during DataGrabber pastes.  When enabled, commonly found phrases like "Police Dept" or "Public Service" are automatically abbreviated to "PD" and "Pub Svc" during the paste process.  This results in shorter alpha tags that don't have their right end characters "chopped off" in ScanControl and in the radio's display.  The list of phrases is already extensive and can be amended anytime by updating one of our configuration files.  Click here to learn how to append new SmartTags.

DataGrabber Tag Prefix Feature:

The DataGrabber Tag Prefix Feature performs automatic group name prefixing in bank style, non DMA radios.  This option uses the "Group" name from RadioReference.COM as an automatic prefix for the alpha tag going into a channel or talkgroup ID during a DataGrabber paste.  If a group of frequencies is titled "Bucks County" in and there are 20 frequencies with their alpha tags in the group, the DataGrabber will append "Bucks Co" to the beginning of each alpha tag for each frequency.  This makes the tags more meaningful when you're pasting a large number of channels from several groups into a bank during one paste step.

Trunk System Types in

The scanners ScanControl supports may use different trunk system type names than you'll find on  They may even use different names between radios.  This makes it very difficult to determine what radio trunk system type to program into your radio when you have the specifications found in  To make this programming step easier 3D Technologies has prepared a translation table that enables you to lookup the radio system type being described on, select your radio in the table and immediately see what trunk system type to program.  Click here >>  Trunk System Types to view and use this table.

Seeing is Believing:

To view static examples of how simple it is to use the DataGrabber click here for >>  Conventional Frequencies, Trunk Frequencies or Trunk Talkgroup IDs.


To really appreciate the power and ease of use of the DataGrabber you have to view the demonstration videos we've prepared (see below).  Each 2 to 4 minute video demonstrates the DataGrabber in actual use with each different type of scanner editor found in ScanControl.  (Note:  Turn your PC speaker volume up to hear the video narration.  Flash video player Version 7 or higher required.  If you don't have it you will be prompted for an automatic download.)

Bank Style Radios (BC245, BCT8, BC895, BC898, BC780, BC250D, BC296D, BC785D, BC796D, PRO-2052)

bullet Conventional Frequencies 
bullet Trunk Bank 

Dynamic Memory Archiecture(1) Radios (SC230, BC246T, BR330T, BCD396T)

bullet Conventional System - Single Group
bullet Conventional System - Multiple Groups 
bullet Trunk System - Single Site 
bullet Trunk System - Multiple Sites 

Dynamic Memory Archiecture(2) Radios (BCD996T, BCT15)

bullet Conventional System - Multiple Groups 
bullet Trunk System - Multiple Sites 

How To Get The DataGrabber:

The DataGrabber is included in all editions of ScanControl:  Basic, Race, Full Uniden, Full GRE and PRO.



Terms of use:  Use of the ScanControl DataGrabber is not intended to circumvent the requirement for a user subscription to for downloading data.  3D Technologies, the makers of ScanControl, urges its ScanControl users to abide by the Terms of Use for the data presented on and purchase a subscription to their service in order to support their continuing efforts in maintaining the vast amount of radio system data they deliver over the public Internet.  3D Technologies will not be responsible for individual users found to be in violation of the Terms of Use through the use of DataGrabber technology.

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